Taverna “Elaiwnas” will from now on be open every day
from 14.00 except Mondays

We can host events, business dinners, weddings and more
Book a table on +30 210 66 43 442 or via email on info@taverna-elaiwnas.gr

No table d’ hôte on Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Tavernal Elaiwnas, Mesogeia, Paiania

n 1976 a true Heperotian, Stavros Vakalos, startsto “build” piece by piece a warm, traditional and family tavern in the middle of a field filled with blessed olive trees. This tavern was called “Elaiwnas”. Since the very first day of operations of “Elaiwnas” the top priority of Mr. Stavros was the best service and pleasure of his customer friends. As time passed by, supported by his wife’s Mrs. Koula’s, precious and never ending help, the little tavern grew bigger and better, along with their helping parents Dimitris and Alexander.

Mr. Stavros though was not meant to fulfill his dreams and harvest the crops of his efforts as he was gone early, suddenly. This is the time
when “Elaiwnas” passed down to the management of Mrs. Koula, Dimitris and Alexander, who all start the hard work of sustaining both their
parent’s legacy but also their great love of this family business. This way they manage to be up to the challenge of their predecessors.

Following the needs of the time, “Elaiwnas” grows even more. Only a few things never changed. The love of this business, the art, the quality of the ingredients used, the hygiene of both the materials and the building, but most of all, the passion for serving the customers in the best possible way. Even Krs. Koula in her 72 years of age stands tall, rock-solid, taking great care of the kitchen, the taste and the freshness of all the “dishes”.

In “Elaiwnas” you will taste : varieties of cheese, hand-made traditional pie from grandma, fried courgettes, freshly cut fries, varieties of salads with fresh vegetables, barbequed mushrooms, home-made hot cheese sause, split peas from Santorini, a wonderfull traditional fireplace, fried lump pluck, cod fillet with garlic and more. Our worderfull barbequed bites like the traditional sausage, kokoretsi and the garoumpitsa from Roumeli along with the gioulmpasi lamp will “open” your appetite and prepare you for the main course filled with excellent quality meat. The slow file and the quality grilling carbon combined with Mr. Alexander’s art, will offer you a perfect “dish” and tasty lamp chops, juicy burgers made by Mrs. Koula, delicious flyffy pork and veal steaks, tenderloin, veal fillet, young lamb chops skewers and much more.

In our cellar shelves you can find distilled popular wines. Red and white wine of our production will be forever in your memories.

To reserve a table please contact the administation

by phone +30 210 66 43 442  or mobile +30 6979808188.

In charge Mr. Dimitrios Vakalos